We are huge believers in the power and effectiveness of hosting Short Term Teams and we consequently host many teams each calendar year. Teams are our greatest ambassadors for our partners as their firsthand experiences and testimonies speak much louder than any newsletter or video clip we can put together. If you are interested in sending a team please contact us:

Why send a team?

Teams are a great idea because they give team members:


What can a team do?

The focus of a team can vary greatly dependent on the size of the team, the time of year, and the level of partnership the team already has with us. Teams could be engaged in ‘Look & See’ trips lasting only a few days to get a feel for the work firsthand or could be focused medical, artistic or building-oriented teams who have come for a specific purpose.

How long, how many people & how much to send a team?

We usually suggest teams come to Vietnam for 10 – 14 days and consist of 10 or less people. This excludes the preparation before the trip as well as debriefing following the visit. Budgets will be largely dependent on your flight choices and the time of year but we can help you with a sample budget via our Pre-Orientation Material.