AOG World Relief Vietnam could not exist let alone have the growing impact it is without an exceptional team.

The Team

 At AOG World Relief Vietnam, we believe we are all family! Here are our family members:

Paul Hilton
Country Co-ordinator

Deborah Hilton
Country Co-ordinator

Trần Cầu
Project Co-ordinator

Rebekah Windsor
Project Manager

Kelvin Windsor
Project Manager

Trần Hiền
Assistant Project Co-ordinator
Medical Co-ordinator

Trần Trung
Rural Development Co-ordinator


Khổng Kiều
Child Sponsorship Co-ordinator 

Trần Bảo
Media Officer


Nguyễn Hương
Office Help

Trấn Thọ
Security Guard


Trương Hue
Security Guard

Trương Hương
Office Help